Demo's from "Wolfs Crossing" - recorded 'LIVE'



UPDATE - 2015 - We now have our own Channel on YouTube with 'live' performances recorded, you can access it




Below..  is a cover of Van Halen's 'Mean Street' played 'live' for the first time on May 2nd, 2015, at Bono's Pub, Lisle.

If you want to download our MP3 version of "Mean Street" to burn to CD, you can download from HERE


*NEW* --TREV MORSON  - "LIVE" - GUITAR SOLO - (Eddie Van Halen's Eruption, - the extended version), March, 2010.

Available = HERE in WMA format

Available = HERE in MP3 format

Download both formats in a zip file = HERE (17MB)


*NEW* "Wolfs Crossing" gig, -LIVE- "Eruption" into "You Really Got Me"" - Live Video from  "Howey's on 71 bar" - Xmas Party -  12/18/10

View live Video HERE



"Wolfs Crossing" gig, "That's what I want" - Live Video from  "Poor Boys pub" - Halloween 10/31/10

View live Video HERE



 - - "Wolfs Crossing" - Recorded At O'Malley's 'LIVE" (New Year's Eve 2009/10) - "Voodoo Chile"

  "Voodoo Chile"  - - HERE!!


   *NEW* 2010 - Trev Morson - I  recorded this Bruce Hornsby piano track for my daughters wedding, an instrumental version of  "Mandolin Rain"



Solo Lead Guitar by Trev Morson

Recorded in 2008, this is just a short guitar solo at home, using a 5 watt practice amp and no pedals.

Short 51-second Guitar Solo - just messing around here, first take too!



Solo Piano by Trev Morson

Outside of Lead Guitar playing, I have played Piano for about 20 years on and off. Never had a lesson, cannot read music, rather, I just play by ear. Hence the unorthodox playing style and piano key-fingering. I took it a bit more seriously in the last 5 years. I am not a real Piano player at all.

Recorded in 2007 video's at home to pass some time away and, being lazy, all of them are 'first takes', so there are some mistakes in each of them, however, enjoy.


GET ME HOME - this is just an original melody I wrote and it's influenced by Bruce Hornsby's style of playing


PIANO BOOGIE - this is just me messin' around with a 12-bar fast boogie thing


LITTE WING - this is a variation of Jimi Hendrix's 'Little Wing'


KISS ON MY LIST - this is a ballad variation of Hall & Oats 'Kiss on my List'


BABE, I'M GONNA LEAVE YOU - a variation of Led Zeplin's ballad


THE WAY IT IS/MANDOLIN RAIN - this is a variation of Bruce Hornsby's 'The Way It Is' & 'Mandolin Rain' - this is somewhat an unusual piano style since I play the melody with the left hand versus with the (normal) right hand for the most part. Neither are perfect renditions.


SLOW BLUES - just some slow 'Blues' is all


VALLEY ROAD - another variation of Bruce Hornsby's 'The Valley Road'